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The SpectralTech Vision – Enable and Transform Enterprises to become AI Capable Businesses of Tomorrow.

The AI revolution began a few years back. Today is the age of AI adoption. Just as the internet and smartphones – two of the tech waves that revolutionized every industry – AI will touch everything and everyone. AI, with Machine Learning and Process Automation, is enabling enterprises build smarter and faster operational systems. These technological advancements provide three basic advantages:

  • Automate manual tasks that need basic human skills.
  • Provide faster and accurate processing of basic human tasks, and do more tasks at the same given hour.
  • Use data, both from proprietary in-house databases and external data presenting a world-view, to make sense and assist in smarter decision making.

AI is not about replacing a human, but assist humans to work smarter, faster and provide tools and insight into the world of data to enable growth of the enterprise and the self.

SpectralTech is a young tech startup with innovation at heart. We harness the power of robotics, cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to help our clients in Healthcare & Insurance domains adapt to the digital world and make them successful.

The company is founded by a group of of hard-nosed and seasoned professionals, having a combined experience of over 50+ years. We are a team of thought leaders, tech savvy practitioners and architects that have come together to create customer-centric solutions leveraging AI, ML and RPA.

SpectralTech believes in helping our clients ignite growth, with an ability for rapid expansion, to smartly engage their customers and out-innovate their competition using a unique blend of solutions, services and technology. We welcome the opportunity to transform your enterprise and push into the bleeding edge to explore, learn, dream and imagine a new future.

What We Do

Anomaly Detection

SpectralTech uses machine learning algorithms to understand behavioral patterns and identify anomalies, detect any 'out of the norm' data patterns and discover outliers in large data sets. Our machine learning algorithms use your data to learn, adapt and implement your business rules to discover, analyze and notify on the anomalous patterns.

Attended and Unattended Machine Learning bots are created to perform such activities provides businesses with the insights necessary for success, helping them to identify rare items and events that can impact their bottom line. Our anomaly detection solution can

  • Detect unusual behaviors matching patterns with metrics and business rules customized for your nature of business.
  • Allow definition, creation and transmission of alerts based on triggers defined to align with your operational parameters.
  • Watch and learn from data in real-time and offer context – correlating relevant factors and the potential root cause.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

SpectralTech offers a fast, and easy-to-use Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform built using state-of-the-art algorithms. Using NLP technology, we design and implement effective software capable of analyzing, and transcribing languages that humans use naturally.

With our NLP expertise, organizations can build a next-generation digital assistant that is contextually relevant, understands the natural human language, and help make better decisions. Our team can help you integrate NLP capabilities to

  • Rapidly extract value from your documents, tweets or web pages.
  • Help with data acquisition, entity recognition, fact extraction, text parsing, speech recognition, and sentiment analysis.
  • Help developers and data scientists understand human-generated textual content at scale.

Cognitive Analysis

Having deep industry experience in cognitive technologies, including computer vision, text analytics, speech recognition, and automation, SpectralTech helps businesses in generating insights to enhance efficiency, improve customer support, decrease costs, and boost revenue.

Our cognitive architecture can be leveraged to help clients devise data management strategies for both structured and unstructured data through their information management, data warehousing, and big data services. Our cognitive computing systems can:

  • Process large quantities of structured/unstructured data
  • Parse the data into meaningful units
  • Interact with humans naturally in a symbiotic partnership

Computer Vision

Image Recognition using Computer Vision Algorithms gives the power of AI and ML in your hands, and gives your customers faster response time leading to bleeding edge digital engagement.

With our solution, SpectralTech is automating complex image analysis processes, for which experts take hours to complete. Use our platform to browse, categorize and analyze images and then automate the extraction of relevant data from the images to feed into your decision systems.

Powered by our domain knowledge and deep learning, our customizable AI algorithms offers human like intelligence to scan, analyze and understand visuals from a single image or a sequence of images.

From faster insurance claims processing to analyzing property inventory for coverage and exposure determination, image recognition helps in categorizing objects based on trained algorithms. Our image recognition solution can

  • Extract rich information using AI algorithms.
  • Automate the identification, tagging and categorization process.
  • Analyze and Detect patterns in the image data.

Conversational AI

Our advanced digital assistants and chatbots let your customers engage in natural conversations with your business. The chatbots designed by SpectralTech are deployable on websites, mobile apps, and through voice interfaces, aiming to enhance the functionality of your back-end systems, delivering personalized experiences to customers.

Our bots help you offer the best possible messaging experience to each user. We provide enterprise-grade security and robust administrative features to comply with regulatory mandates. Our chatbot software is

  • Built with the intelligence to master context across conversations, so the customer feels heard and understood
  • Autonomous and engaging, so your customers get faster resolutions
  • Anticipating a customer’s intent and providing answers based on intelligent automation algorithms
  • Providing attended and unattended follow-ups on tasks and to-do items
  • Use machine learning to notify users of out-of-the-norm system behaviour

Robotic Process Automation

SpectralTech is highly focused on empowering enterprises with Robotic Process Automation. In traditional workflow automation or application integrations, a software developer having specific programming skills will build integration mechanisms of connecting two or more systems for needed data flow. In contrast, automating processes using bots entails teaching the computer programs how to perform user tasks using a GUI and then letting the bot perform the same task automatically using event triggers.

As an RPA service provider, we are bringing about a wave of change in ways organizations work. Our end-to-end RPA expertise consults and advises clients throughout the automation journey — strategy, implementation, automation, integration and support, thus helping organizations successfully implement an effective automation strategy.

Our cross-industry expertise and technology know-how helps deliver automation solutions to customers, thereby solving every business challenge. A few bots running round the clock can perform jobs that would require hundreds of hours of manual effort.

Our RPA solution

  • Enables organizations to create a cost-effective, fast, accurate, and round-the-clock virtual workforce
  • Helps you in automating and deploying touchless straight thru processing systems
  • Can handle the mundane, repetitive tasks; leaving your human resources to focus on higher value work
  • Can be integrated with Machine Learning and NLP to automate higher-value tasks that require decision making and human-like judgement capabilities

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